How to create template

Within partner administration, you can edit the reporting form settings. This setting can then be used as a template while creating a new organization to upload your settings as the default form layout to newly added clients.

In Partner Administration, click the Reporting channels icon in the side navigation bar. This will take you to the reporting form settings. Here you can edit the report categories, form settings and also edit the text after the form has been submitted.

1. Categories

On the categories tab, you can create completely new report categories (just click the + Add category button) or edit the default categories (under the three dots icon at the end of the row, there is an option to edit or delete a category).

You can also change the order of the categories. If you hover your mouse cursor to the left at the end of the category row, a two-way arrow symbol will appear. You can then grab the category and drag it to change the order in which it appears in the reporting form.

2. Form fields

The next tab allows you to set whether the sender has the option to remain anonymous, and whether the sender will be shown the recipients of the report, and if so, whether they will have the option to exclude anyone from the recipients.


3. Confirmation page

The Confirmation page tab is used to edit the text that is displayed to the sender after the report has been sent. It also allows you to set whether the sender can set email notifications to notify them of a change in the status of the report or a newly received message.