Accesses settings

Within FaceUp administration, members can be granted different rights to access. You grant these accesses to the member when you are creating their profile.

AccessWhat can the member do
Reports accessAll report-related operations. Access can be restricted to certain categories or to assigned reports only.
  • All catogories
Member has access to all reports in all categories.
  • Specific report categories
Member has access to reports in categories you select in the settings.
  • Assigned reports only
Member has access only to those reports you assign to them (mark them as assignee, mark them in internal comments, or grant them access via the "Who has access" section).
Settings accessAll changes in settings. Access to a page with graphs and statistics.

Change of accesses

You can change accesses of your members at any time in the Settings → Members section by clicking the three dots on the right side of the member and choosing Edit. (You can only see the three dots for members who have access to the same organisational units as you.)