The Billing page provides you with a range of useful information about your purchased plan. You can see the current plan price (excluding VAT), the date of the next invoice, and the amount of the next invoice (excluding VAT).

There are also several useful features available, such as changing or canceling the purchased plan, editing billing information, viewing invoice history, and downloading issued invoices (in PDF format).

How to download an issued invoice?

On the invoicing overview page, click on the Invoice history button.

In the opened window, find the invoice you want to download and click on the Download button.

How to change the purchased plan?

You can change or cancel the purchased plan by clicking on the Change plan button. 

After clicking, a list of available plans will open, from which you can choose your new plan. Just click on the Switch to plan button, and the new plan will be activated immediately. 

To cancel the subscription, click on the Cancel subscription button.

If you need to change the number of employees or the billing method, please contact us.