Reporting form customization

Within the reporting form settings, you can customize your homepage and reporting form text, languages, upload your logo, or set your working hours and response in your absence. You can view all changes via the preview on the right side of the page.


You can edit your Pages and Confirmation page. In the reporting form, users will then only see the text you have suggested, which you can change again at any time. In case you want to revert the default texts, just click on the Return default texts button located near each edited field. Any changes made must be saved by clicking the Save button.

Tip: If you have a reporting form in multiple languages, you can also edit the text for each language version - just select the language you want to edit the text for under the drop-down arrow on the top right.


You can offer the reporting form in up to 113 different languages. To add languages, use the Manage button in the Reporting form customisation → Overview → Form Style → Languages. You can change the tetx and categories for all added languages.

(If you change any of the predefined text or categories and do not translate it in other languages, this text will be displayed to users in your default language.)