If you want to use FaceUp API you need to know the region where your data is stored and the API key.


The region is fixed value and depends on in which data centre FaceUp stores your data. This value can be found in the Settings -> Organization settings.

API keys

API keys are digital passcodes, granting access to FaceUp API. API keys act as unique identifiers, allowing users to authenticate themselves when making requests to the API. Think of it as a secure lock and key system for accessing online resources.

Once obtained, users include their API key in requests to the FaceUp API. It's essential to keep API keys secure, treating them like sensitive information. Avoid sharing them publicly. Separate API keys should be generated for different purposes (e.g. one for Zapier integration and another one for Make). This enhances security and simplifies access management. With distinct keys, tracking, controlling access, and troubleshooting become easier, reducing risks if one key is compromised.

You can manage your company's API keys in the Integrations -> API keys section.