Due date

In the detail of each report you can set up your custom due date for response or case resolution. The field for selection of the due date is found on the right side of the report’s detail.

You will receive an email notification three days before the due date you have selected and on the day it expires, reminding you of the upcoming due date. These notifications can be turned off in your notifications settings (My account → Notifications). 

After sending a response to the sender, we recommend marking the due date as met by clicking on the Done button next to the due date. As soon as you do this, we will no longer remind you about the upcoming due date.

Automatic due date

In the organization settings (Settings → Organization Settings → Automatic due date) you can turn on the automatic due date function and set its duration from 5 to 120 days. Each newly received report will automatically have this due date preset. You can then change this due date in the report's detail or mark it as met.