In your organisational settings you can choose between the standard and end-to-end (E2EE) encryption. End-to-end encryption ensures that all your messages and reports remain secure and confidential at all times. It offers the highest level of online data security. The standard encryption provides a slightly lower level of security compared to E2EE, but is more user-friendly.

If you turn on E2EE encryption, all new registered members who want to see older reports will need to request access in the administration.

What is the difference between standard and E2EE encryption?

Standard encryption is used by the majority of systems because it provides basic sufficient security. All important data is encrypted and stores on a server, which makes for example resetting a forgotten password easy.

E2EE encryption is a more complex extension to the standard encryption when all data is additionally encrypted with the member's password. Therefore, only a person with the password can access the encrypted data. In this case, all data is secure and protected even in the event of a hacker attack. However, if the member loses their password and does not know their recovery key, it is impossible to recover their account and data.

How to enable the E2EE encryption?

The E2EE encryption can be enabled in Settings → Organisation settings → Encryption.

There, you will first need to enter your current password.

In the last step, please download the recovery key and store it safely. You will need this key in case you ever forget your password. If you forget your password and will not have the recovery key, you will not be able to recover your account and access to reports.

By clicking the Enable button the E2EE encryption will be activated.

Where can I find my recovery key?

Recovery key can be downloaded anytime from in the My Account section (found under the icon with your initials on the bottom left bar) → Security → Recovery Key.

Each member has their own unique recovery key. It is neccessary for everyone in your organisation to download and safely store their recovery key.